Short Sales Success Book

Short Sales Success- Raising The Bar on Your Short Sales Closing
It took us two years to write this book. It is actually my first totally completed book written. I have over 12 books I have started to write over the years and never finished one of them.
But as we travel around the country and blog and post and engage with the real estate community, the more we realized that there is a void in the street smarts of short sales. There are so many designations out there to take but none of them are going to get you the down and dirty, roll up your sleeves kind of stuff you need to really go to bat for your seller clients instead of just learning to be order takers for the lenders.
There are 16 chapters in this book we wrote but we have included a  membership site where you can go to see the update posts we write to keep you updated on changes or certain facts. You can also download the book one chapter at a time so you don’t have to print so many pages at one time.

We had facts direct from Freddie Mac and we wrote that post here:
Important Freddie Mac updates for short sales. But then we are taking that article and putting it on the membership site in case you miss the post or don’t have time to find the post.

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