Short Sale Package

The short sale package is what we put together to send to your lender(s). We only want to send what is going to help you get your short sale approved here in Wellington Florida and other areas around Palm Beach County.

Your lender is going to require the following documents in most cases:

  • Authorization Letter
  • Your financial affidavit
  • Workable Solutions form
  • Two years of tax returns for the person on the note
  • Your W-2 or similar
  • Two months of bank statements
  • Listing agreement with your real estate broker
  • Offer from a buyer on your property
  • Proof that the buyer can close on the property

For each person and each circumstance the documents may change or other ones be requested.  Some lenders will require you to fill out their own short sale package that they have with their company logo and letterhead. Other lenders will allow us to send in the short sale package we have on file.

Remember the number one rule is that rules change. So much of time by the time you read a new article about short sales the rules have changed again! That is why it is best to call us to understand the process and of course choose Wellington short sale Realtors® that are closing short sales now.